Historic Building Surveys

Aside from "below ground" archaeology, we also specialise in undertaking assessments and recording of historic buildings to the various standards required by English Heritage (Levels 1 - 4). This often involves the analysis of documentary sources, compilation of various plans and surveys, and detailed analysis of the building in question.

Standing building projects include recent work on the Grade I listed Breakspear House and adjoining Grade II* 17th Century dovecote, in Hillingdon - which involved the analysis of the existing structures to enable an understanding of their functions and different building phases. Another example is the work undertaken on the Engine Room of the Greenwich Steam Ferry, which was in operation 1888-1890, and on the 19th Century timber-framed threshing barn at Wheeler's Farm, in Thursley, Surrey. At completely the other end of the scale was the recent assessment undertaken at Furze Lodge in Greenwich, which was a World War II Gas Decontamination Shelter!

17th Century dovecote at Breakspear House, Hillingdon

World War II gas decontamination centre, Greenwich

Engine Room of the Greenwich Steam Ferry

Interior of Wheeler's Farm, Thursley, Surrey